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Working at Outdoor Cafe
Yoga Session


Ari Divine and Associates is  premier wealth and wellness firm, in a class of its own. We believe that you must first  be well (healing) to be wealthy (generationally) . We develop and offer  unique services,  events, classes,  and programming to meet the needs of our community; specializing in severing melanated women. 

ADA  was founded by our CEO Asia Rose Gibbs professionally known as Ari Divine.  Gibbs is a wife, mother of five, a master healer,  and spiritual entrepreneur. Gibbs is also the Executive Director of Beyond Expectations, Incorporated.  A non for profit organization focused on creating opportunities for the community.   ADA is also the home of Slayed and Healed, the lifestyle brand lead by her daughters. 


The Lyfted Space and The Legendary Female Society are two of our primary initiative at ADA, lead by Gibbs.

Attractive Woman with Afro

Slayed & Healed 
Our mother/daughter lifestyle brand.

Happy Portrait

Be Wealthy.

The Legendary Female Society
A community of female leaders
focused on curating events & spaces spaces in  the community.

Portrait Against Pink Wall

The Lyfted Space
Our sacred healing space.

Always be Healing.

Be Legendary.

The Wealth & Wellness Firm

Studying on a Computer

“If you don't like it, change it. If you love it, teach it and share it.”

Ari Divine